3. Markets Count! Collecting, Managing & Deploying Your Farmers Market Data

The “Market Vitals” Project
Like your heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature, the idea for the “farmers market vitals” is to have a set of key data points or indicators to help you track the health and growth of your market. Each indicator meets three criteria it must be: 1) realistic for one manager with one market to have the capacity to collect;  2) meaningful; and 3) able to be aggregated with other markets’ data at a larger scale – whether a city, county or even state.

Rapid Market Assessments
This overview describes key features of a RMA, provides useful resources and templates if you are doing a RMA, and includes RMA reports from Washington farmers markets.

Step by Step Tips for Your Market Survey
While there are more and more free online tools to do your surveys, it’s important to think through some survey basics first so that you have useful results to report.

Farmers Market Research and Data for Washington State
Summary of major research on farmers markets and data sources for Washington.

Timely information, tips, and templates to build your market organization