Rapid Market Assessments

The Rapid Market Assessment or “RMA” is a key tool for farmers markets to collect baseline data, gain new insights and ideas for improvement, measure progress, build consensus and inform big decisions. Using a participatory methodology, a team of local community members and managers from other markets spend an intensive day at the farmers market:

  1. Counting shoppers;
  2. Recruiting shoppers to answer a “dot survey” (questions written on flip charts that people answer with round, sticky dots); and
  3. Providing constructive comments and observations about the market’s physical site, atmosphere, and vendor mix.

If you are interested in being part of a RMA team or having a RMA at your market, please contact Colleen Donovan or the WSFMA.

Rapid Market Assessment Overview (Sept. 2016)

Downloadable RMA Worksheets and RMA Tools:
RMA Reports for Farmers Markets in Washington

Bremerton FM RMA 2008  (WSFMA)
Chehalis Community FM 2008  (WSFMA)
Duvall FM RMA 2008  (WSFMA)
Gig Harbor FM RMA 2008 (WSFMA)
Key Peninsula FM RMA 2008 (WSFMA)
Kirkland Wednesday Market RMA 2003 (NW Direct-WSU)
Mount Vernon FM RMA 2003 (NW Direct-WSU)
Pasco FM RMA 2003 (NW Direct-WSU)
Port Angeles FM RMA 2002 (NW Direct-WSU)
Roslyn Sunday Market RMA 2008  (WSFMA)
Tacoma FM RMA 2003 (NW Direct-WSU)
University District FM RMA 2002 (NW Direct-WSU)
Yakima FM RMA 2002 (NW Direct-WSU)

RMA reports conducted between 2009 and 2016 by the WSU Small Farms Program will be online later in 2017. Please contact Colleen Donovan for more information.

More Resources

Northwest Direct: Improving Markets for Small Farms was a USDA-funded, collaborative project of Washington State Univ., WSDA, Oregon State Univ., Rural Roots, and the Univ. of Idaho.

OSU’s Oregon Small Farms Technical Reports – Farmers Markets

OSU’s Tools for Rapid Market Assessments (2008)

Updated: 6-7-2017

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