5. Finances, Fundraising & Business Management

Doing Business as a Farmers Market in Washington State
All farmers markets, regardless of size, location or business structure, have various rules, permits and fees to pay to local, state and federal governments. Every market’s leadership is also expected to meet certain standards for good governance. This can be a lot to consider for a very small organization, and fortunately, there are good resources to help understand what’s important.

Fundraising Resources for Your Farmers Market
For most farmers markets, vendor booth fees do not cover the costs to operate a market nor help pay for the additional costs to expand programming or buy new equipment. More and more markets are looking to their local communities and funders to cover these costs.

Best Practices for Farmers Market Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping is one of those behind-the-scenes jobs that makes a significant difference in how efficiently your farmers market operates. And yet, between figuring out your farmers market organization’s budget and tracking weekly sales, fees, and tokens, accounting can get complicated quickly. We are lucky in Washington to have an organization, Food From Farms, that is dedicated to helping farmers markets navigate the complexities of accounting.

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