6. Happy Vendors, Happy Managers

Vendor Relations and Boundaries for Market Managers
Zack Cook and David Dickinson from Pike Place Market share their best ideas on how to work with vendors and build successful working relationships.

Effective Communications in the Cultural Marketplace
Based on the WSFMA conference presentations from WSU’s José L. García-Pabón, this piece discusses the cultural concepts and strategies for communicating cross-culturally, especially with immigrant farmers.

Recruiting Farmers to Your Market
Finding the right vendor mix is an ongoing challenge for all markets. Whether you have a waiting list or are seeking more vendors, this overview shares strategies and resources on how to find farmers in Washington.

Market Integrity and Farm Verification
There is strong support among farmers and markets to work together to build the integrity of farmers markets. This overview reviews the range of issues, recommended market practices, and tips on conducting farm visits.


“Selling at Washington State Farmers Markets”
Overview of the benefits, challenges, key considerations, and tips on  becoming a farmers market vendor.

“At farmers markets placement of vendors is vital”
By Robin Davis, The Columbus Dispatch (May 22, 2013 )

Timely information, tips, and templates to build your market organization