7. Accepting SNAP EBT, Credit/Debit & Other Currencies at Your Farmers Market

Accepting “multiple currencies” at farmers markets increases shoppers’ options, maximizes their purchasing power at your market, and helps keeps your farmers market competitive.

The “A to Z” of EBT, Credit and Debit Cards in Washington
The process of setting up your market to accept EBT, credit and/or debit cards can be technical, confusing, and subject to change. This section outlines key considerations, explains current options, and shares creative ideas developed by Washington farmers markets. It’s not a linear step-by-step process; you may be working on various steps at the same time.

Farmers Market Nutrition Program
The WIC and Senior FMNP checks are an established program at Washington farmers markets. This overview helps you keep up with changes and connect with key resources and information from the Washington State Department of Health.

Food Access Glossary for Farmers Markets in Washington State
Oy! The vocabulary you need just to talk to people about SNAP, FMNP, and other “food access” programs at farmers markets. Here’s our best cheat sheet on what key terms mean.

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