Working with the Media

You local media can help promote your farmers market organization, the current season, farmers, other vendors, and specific events. Markets need this visibility to recruit market sponsors, volunteers, and staff. The core principles of knowing your audience, crafting your message, and get it published apply to traditional media outlets (i.e., newspapers, radio) as well as the frontiers of social media.

Why is Media Important
  • Getting your message to a wider audience
  • Targeting your message to specific shopper audience
  • Free publicity for your events and farmers market in general
  • Gives importance and legitimacy to your farmers market
  • Increases your visibility in general public and with VIPs (including local elected officials)
  • Shapes public opinions

TIP: Submit your farmers market schedule to public radio event calendars. It’s free and a great way to reach NPR audiences in your area. Highlight key events separately: opening day, when beloved crops are peaking (blueberries, tomatoes, peaches, corn, etc.), as well as any special events. Key NPR stations in WA include Northwest Public Radio, 
KUOW, and KNKX (formerly known as KPLU) .

Understanding Different Types of Media
  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Internet
  • Social Media
Develop a Media Plan
  • Determine long term goals
  • Your timeline
How To Write a Press Release
  • Write the headline
  • Write the body copy
  • Communicate who, what, when, where, why and how clearly
  • Include information about your farmers market
  • Add contact information
  • End with # # #
Eight Ground Rules When Working with Reporters

by Brad Phillips @MrMedia Training

  1. Don’t go off the record
  2. Never say “no comment”
  3. You cannot “approve” a story
  4. But you can offer to fact check a story
  5. You can request questions in advance (sometimes)
  6. You can tape the interview
  7. You can limit the time of the interview
  8. You can declare certain topics off-limits
Preparing for an Interview & More Interview Tips
More Media Resources


Updated: 1-13-2017
Many thanks to the Northwest Farm Credit Services for sharing resources on working with the media.

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